hello! which hat do you need me to wear today?


Welcome to my charcoal-dusted, scrap-covered world! I design and make all sorts of trinkets and accessories, for on or off the gaming table. You don't have to be a nerd to like my gear, but it definitely doesn't hurt!

Fantastic Knickknackery (formerly CriticalKits) is a one-woman operation, with occasional extra hands and constant moral support from my husband. Some items, like stickers and enamel pins, are made with outside help, but all my designs are completely original!

Have a look around, check out the FAQs, and if you still have questions, shoot me an email!


I'm not just a maker and shop-owner; I'm also a certified teacher who loves helping people of all ages learn new skills and tricks!


Whether you have a school-aged kid who needs some homework help, you're looking to get into a new hobby, or you have some other idea ... I can help! Just click "tutoring" on the menu above for more info.