Acrylic Game Controller Earrings, Charms, Keychains

Acrylic Game Controller Earrings, Charms, Keychains


Show off your gamer pride with these laser cut acrylic controller earrings! Pick a classic like the N64 or PS1, or an update like the Switch or XBOX One, or one of the countless other options out there (just shoot me a message if you want one not pictured and i’ll happily create the design for you!)


First pick if you want clip-on earrings, hook earrings, a pair of keychains, a pair of charms, or one keychain/one charm. (If you want a different pairing, jut send me a message!)


Then pick which type of controller you want. The default option is to get a matched set, but I'm happy to mix and match any controllers besides the switch ones, which must come as a pair.


The default colors are the ones pictured, but feel free to message me for other color options if you like!


Each earring/charm is about 1.5” wide and/or tall and made of 1/16” thick acrylic and then spray painted. The cutting process may leave a few small cracks (which you can see in the photo of the backs) that are only visible on the back and don’t affect the structural integrity of the charm.


These are not intended for small children, and while they’re absolutely sturdy enough for regular daily wear, I wouldn’t recommend, say, actively trying to snap them in half, because you would probably succeed!