Handmade Dice Flower Tote Bags

Handmade Dice Flower Tote Bags


Dice flowers on all the things! I had Inkling screenprint some of the tea towels "upside-down" so I could make totes out of them!


Each tote bag has an outer layer (a dice flower tea towel) and an inner layer (fabric lining in various colors or patterns), along with a pair of 1" wide (~2.5cm), extra-long purple straps.


The inside of the tote measures about 18" (~46cm) deep by 15-16" (~38-40cm) wide.


Since I'm sewing each and every bag on my own, they may have some small quirks or flaws, but they're all made with love and I think that shows!


The spectacular duo at Inkling Print Company (https://www.printinkling.com) screenprinted the awesome tea towels for me (by hand, one layer at a time!), so by purchasing these bags, you're supporting not one but TWO small artist businesses!

lining color