Handmade Dice Flower Tote Bags

Handmade Dice Flower Tote Bags


Dice flowers on all the things! I had Inkling screenprint some of the tea towels "upside-down" so I could make totes out of them!


Each tote bag is sewn from a specially printed Dice Flowers Tea Towel, with a pair of 1" wide (~2.5cm), extra-long purple straps.


The inside of the tote measures about 18" (~46cm) deep by 16" (~40cm) wide.


Since I'm sewing each and every bag on my own, they may have some small quirks or flaws, but they're all made with love and I think that shows!


The spectacular duo at Inkling Print Company (https://www.printinkling.com) screenprinted the awesome tea towels for me (by hand, one layer at a time!), so by purchasing these bags, you're supporting not one but TWO small artist businesses!