Advantage / Disadvantage Wooden Tokens

Advantage / Disadvantage Wooden Tokens


Why roll one d20 when you could be rolling two?! There are endless possible uses for these double-sided advantage / disadvantage tokens:

  • They could be awarded to players by the DM/GM for good RP, thinking outside the box, bringing snacks to a session, etc, and then redeemed for one use of either side! Grant yourself or an ally advantage, or impose disadvantage on a baddie!
  • They could be treated as fate tokens, to be flipped like a coin and their decision upheld!
  • They could be given to each player when they level up, to either be hoarded (bust out all 10 uses at the big fight at level 11!) or given on a use-it-or-lose-it basis!
  • They could be used to remind a player or DM/GM of an already-existing advantage or disadvantage (sneak attack, anyone?)
  • Or anything else you can think of!


Each 1-1/2” token is engraved on both sides, one with 2d20 showing plus signs (advantage) and the other with 2d20 showing minus signs (disadvantage).


Due to the unique nature of the wood and engraving process, no two tokens will be completely identical.