about the shop

I created CriticalKits (now Fantastic Knickknackery) in 2015 as an Etsy shop and had my 15 minutes of fame by making the first ever dice jail that Laura Bailey used on the wildly popular Dungeons & Dragons show Critical Role. 

Since then, I’ve created tons of fun & helpful accessories for on and off the TTRPG gaming table, and I’ve expanded outside my original nerdy market, as well.

Everything is designed from scratch (hello, art / digital media / graphic design degree!) and then lovingly handcrafted with help from my two incredible machines — a laser engraver that is definitely haunted and an embroidery machine that is precious and perfect and doing a great job, sweetie.

So shop here for spell slot trackers, health potions, class keychains, custom character minis, and more ... and for the less gaming-centric among us, grab an adorable embroidered forest animal magnet or an engraved wooden token to help you decide whether to “do the thing” or not!

Whatever your interests, you’ll find something here you like! Plus, I LOVE taking custom orders! Check out the FAQs for more information.

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about the owner

Hi, I'm Arielle Milstein-Brennan!

I've been creating things forever: 

  • gravity-powered cardboard micro machine racetracks at 9

  • projects on my mom's sewing machine at 11

  • tiny clay sculptures in high school

  • vector graphics and stop-motion animations in college

  • laser engraving and machine embroidery now

  • and who knows what the future will bring?

I have a bachelor's degree in photography / digital media with a minor in graphic design, and I'm also certified to teach K-5 and middle school math. And if that's not enough, I've also been:

  • a college tour guide & orientation advisor

  • a craft store cashier

  • a substitute teacher

  • a children's bookseller & storytime princess

  • a barista

  • a farmers market booth runner

  • a catering server

  • a children's science museum educator

  • a birthday party operative

  • a substitute teacher again

  • an admin for a tutoring center

  • a small business owner

and the goal now is to hang around on that last one!