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Frost Giant's Folly
game info


the first two print runs have the story and instructions printed on the back of the bag, while subsequent printings have blank backs and the text on a card inside the bag.

either way, here's the full text of the story + instructions:

Long ago, a frost giant lived alone in the mountains. Desperate for companionship, she happily welcomed any who stumbled across her home: curious scholars, wandering soldiers, lost farmers. The giant would let none leave until they bested her in a game.

But the scholars were clever, the soldiers took risks, & the farmers persisted. Too often, her visitors won the games and their freedom. So she devised a new game, which required 3 players. Whether she won or lost, someone always had to stay behind. 

Frost Giant's Folly is a game of balance and strategy. The winner ends the game not with the MOST or FEWEST points, but the MIDDLE. 3 players, 3 pieces each, 3 rounds of play. 

Choose your guild: scholar, soldier, or farmer. Place your 3 pieces on their home spaces on the board rim, then roll the die to determine who starts.

On your turn, roll the 8-sided die until you get a 3 or higher: these are your moves. You MUST move each of your 3 pieces at least one space, but you can spread moves across your pieces in any order. 

Pieces cannot jump over or share spaces at any time. Home spaces are worth zero points. A piece unable to make a legal move must be sent Home, ending its turn. 

After all 3 players have had 3 turns, tally the points under your pieces. The winner is the player with the MIDDLE score.

In the event of a tie, all 3 play one more round. If you still do not have a winner, embrace the balance... and the frost giant's eternal hospitality.

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