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Frost Giant's Folly: an Original Board Game

Frost Giant's Folly: an Original Board Game


This is a board game to be played either on its own or within your Dungeons & Dragons or other TTRPG game!


I created it as part of my character's backstory, and rather than just leaving it as a vague in-universe game, I drew a board and made up rules and a whole story behind it. I mean, if you're not inventing entire ancient board games for your dnd character, are you REALLY playing dnd? (The answer is yes because everyone plays games differently and this is not a place for gatekeeping!)


The board and bag are printed by the spectacular duo at Inkling Print Company  ~ ~ so by purchasing this game, you're supporting not one but TWO small artist businesses!


The game requires 3 players and should take about 15-20 minutes to play. Best for ages 8 and up, or younger with a little guidance!


It comes with everything you need to play: the fabric board, all 9 wooden pieces, a randomly selected d8, a 4x6 instruction card, and the bag to hold it all in!

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