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Dice Flowers Zipper Pouch of Holding

Dice Flowers Zipper Pouch of Holding


Who doesn't love a good zipper pouch?! These ~9x3.5" (~23x9.5cm) pouches all have two cute dice flower designs: lined up in a garden on one side, and scattered in a pattern on the other.


They come in three options:

  • purple (primary)
  • black (primary)
  • black (alternate)

Compared to the primary design, the scattered dice flowers are a bit larger and the garden flowers are a bit smaller.


Each pouch can comfortably hold a surprisingly large amount of STUFF, for example:

  • 56 standard d20s
  • 8 polyhedral sets
  • 25 pens, pencils, sharpies
  • 23 dum-dums
  • like, a LOT of buttons I bet
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