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Tabletop Necessities Lanyard

Tabletop Necessities Lanyard


These awesome 1" (~2.5cm) wide lanyards boast an entirely unique, non-repeating pattern from one end to the other!


On a dark blue background, you'll find a rainbow gradient of all sorts of important DnD/TTRPG gear you might find on your gaming table, like dice (so many colors and sizes!) and PC minis and monster minis and mini painting supplies and SNACKS and pencils and IRL health potions and doodles from the dedicated note-taker!


You can wear this rainbow of tabletop goodies at your next con, event, or just on the daily with your keys!


The lanyards are about 36" (~91cm) long all the way around, or 18" (~46cm) as measured from the back of the neck when wearing one.

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