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A Wearable Dungeon Sticker Sheet

A Wearable Dungeon Sticker Sheet

$5.00 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price

The matching sticker sheet from my 600%+ funded second Kickstarter!


A 5x7" vinyl sticker sheet with all 5 dungeon rooms, 4 adorable tiny dungeon doors, and even the title and my website peel off on their own!


Find the pins here!


Original KS descriptions of room titles:

  • A Cold Embrace: A dripping underground cavern with a huge lake taking up most of the cave floor. We can probably just skirt around the edges and it'll be fine! Hm? No, I didn't hear anything ...
  • Watch Your Step: A dark tunnel with a lovely safe wooden rope bridge! It's totally fine to cross and definitely won't snap and send us to our death in the dark pit below!
  • All That Glitters: Mountains of glittering gold! And no, I don't think that jaw belonged to anything we should worry about, and there almost definitely aren't dragons around here anymore. Take some gold; what's the worst that can happen?
  • Fungus Among Us: Time to go back across the bridge ... did you see that? I think it might be daylight! Maybe we're close to getting out of here? Ooh, glow-in-the-dark mushrooms! Come to think of it, I AM pretty hungry, and these seem safe to eat. Probably. Trust me, I rolled a 3 on my nature check.
  • Mage's Sanctum: Ah, what's this? A nice cozy study, complete with some potions of ... health? Yeah, that's definitely what those are! Let's curl up with a nice book and read in the soothing candlelight. Everything's ... gonna ... be ... fine ...
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