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A Wearable Dungeon Hard Enamel Pins (full set)

A Wearable Dungeon Hard Enamel Pins (full set)


The pins from my second Kickstarter! We reached 600% of our initial goal and unlocked a ton of goodies!


Snag the full dungeon here for a discount over buying each one separately! The pins range in size from 1.35" to 1.75", and all have my dice flower logo on the back and come with rubber backs.


If you're looking for the individual room pins, just click here!

And there are also matching stickers here!


Original KS descriptions of pin titles:

  • A Cold Embrace: A dripping underground cavern with a huge lake taking up most of the cave floor. We can probably just skirt around the edges and it'll be fine! Hm? No, I didn't hear anything ...
  • Watch Your Step: A dark tunnel with a lovely safe wooden rope bridge! It's totally fine to cross and definitely won't snap and send us to our death in the dark pit below!
  • All That Glitters: Mountains of glittering gold! And no, I don't think that jaw belonged to anything we should worry about, and there almost definitely aren't dragons around here anymore. Take some gold; what's the worst that can happen?
  • Fungus Among Us: Time to go back across the bridge ... did you see that? I think it might be daylight! Maybe we're close to getting out of here? Ooh, glow-in-the-dark mushrooms! Come to think of it, I AM pretty hungry, and these seem safe to eat. Probably. Trust me, I rolled a 3 on my nature check.
  • Mage's Sanctum: Ah, what's this? A nice cozy study, complete with some potions of ... health? Yeah, that's definitely what those are! Let's curl up with a nice book and read in the soothing candlelight. Everything's ... gonna ... be ... fine ...
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